Dear TRIBUTE Company,

First, please keep doing what you are very good at doing-making good food for our horses that show results.

Second, thank you for always being so friendly when I have called.

The pictures I have sent are from our horses. Our big mare is about 22 years old. Our old boy (as we call him) is 40 years old. Yes, 40.Our horses were switched to Tribute years back (about 5-6 years) and they are healthy and beautiful because of it. Our daughter, Brittany Beebeck, researched your food and has never looked back.

Our vet says "wow, healthy" (she comes once a year for a check up for them). Our farrier is completley amazed at their feet (she is also very good at her job). 

Thank you, again, for all you do in making care and feeding the horses easy. Keep up the great work!


Alice Beebeck and Brittany Beebeck