Ellen Murphy

Ellen Hamilton Murphy is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist living in Georgetown, KY. She specializes in coaching young professionals, adult amateurs, and junior/young riders. Her students have achieved top placings at many major national venues in both dressage and eventing. In addition, Ellen has been very successful on horses she has personally developed and competed with. Her aim as a trainer and coach is to produce classically correct horses and riders with harmonious partnerships. Ellen serves on the board of directors for the Kentucky Dressage Association and helps run the KDA’s youth program. She is also the Vice President for dressage for the Mid South Eventing and Dressage Association.

"Ellen Murphy Sporthorses houses and trains a wide variety of horses. From Warmbloods to off track Thoroughbreds, draft horses, American Saddlebreds, Arabians, Connemaras, and yearlings to hard working FEI competitors, as well as retired show horses. Because of the wide variety of types of horses in our training program and in our care, it is essential to work with a feed company that provides top quality feeds that are appropriate for a wide variety of nutritional needs. Many feed companies have great feeds for racehorses or for Warmbloods, but Tribute® is the only feed that seems to work well for all the ages, workloads, and types of horses we work with. All of the horses love the feed and everyone carries great weight, has excellent top lines, and shiny coats. We could not be happier!"