Silver Stone Farms

Silver Stone Farms, owned and operated by the Walsh family, is a large breeding and training facility for High Goal Polo. Located in South Carolina, Silver Stone Farms is the home of professional players Kegan Walsh, who holds a two goal handicap, and Tom Thayer. Tom is also an accomplished trainer.

"Bringing out the best in your equine athlete starts with proper nutrition. Tribute has been a very important part of our program. In order to get the most from your horses, they have to be physically and mentally ready to learn. It starts with proper broodmare nutrition and then weanlings, yearlings and two year olds. Kalm Ultra from 2 years on gives our horses all the proper vitamins and minerals and quality nutrients they need to perform at the highest level. Our horses have incredible toplines and glowing coats. They have great bones and great feet. Tribute hands down makes our jobs easier because we have healthy, happy horses to work with."