Tribute® Equine Nutrition Offers Flexibility

The major factors defining the nutrients required for an equine performance event are the work intensity, duration and the response of the individual horse, especially to sugar and starch, or NSC (NSC = non-structural carbohydrates).

Long-term, lower intensity exercise, like endurance riding, relies mainly on fat for calories. Short-term, high intensity exercise, like sprint racing, can benefit from calories supplied by sugar and starch.

Most of our FEI events fall somewhere in between, thus the balance of fat and NSC with the response of each individual horse must be considered. Diets too high in NSC for a particular horse can result in hyperactivity and/or tying-up. Supplying more calories from fat and highly digestible fiber sources, like beet pulp, soy hulls and dehydrated alfalfa meal can lessen these negative effects and improve endurance and recovery time.

Tribute Equine Nutrition offers a full line of feeds specifically designed to meet the varying nutritional needs dictated by the nature of the event and the needs of the individual horse. We maximize performance by using Alltech's Sel-Plex® selenium yeast and Bioplex® organic trace minerals.

Tribute Equine Nutrition Performance Feed Matrix

Exercise Category (NRC 2007) Types of Events Suggested NSC Level Fat Level Tribute Product Suggestions
Light Beginning of training, show horses (occasional) Low (14-20%) 6-10% Essential K, Kalm N EZ, Kalm Performer, Kalm N Fit
Moderate School horses, beginning of training/breaking, show horses (frequent), polo Low to Medium (14-25%) depending on horse's response 6-12% Kalm N EZ, Kalm Performer, Kalm N Fit, Kalm Ultra
Heavy Polo, show horses (frequent, strenuous events). Low-medium level eventing, race training (middle stages) Medium to High (20-30%) depending on horse's response 8-12% Kalm Performer, Kalm N Fit, Kalm Ultra, Performance Advantage, Tought to Beet
Very Heavy Racing, endurance, elite 3-day eventing High (>30%) depending on horse's response, especially tying-up 8-12% Kalm Ultra, Performance Advantage, Tough to Beet