Tribute Partner Agreement

Upon application submission (by applicant organization) and approval (by Tribute Equine Nutrition), this agreement establishes the organization’s participation in the Tribute Partner’s Program. This agreement will remain in effect until terminated by either party at any time by written notice to the other party. Under the terms of this agreement, Tribute Equine Nutrition agrees to maintain a total count of proofs of purchase submitted by the organization. Upon written request by the organization, Tribute Equine Nutrition will pay out to the organization the dollar amount represented by the proofs of purchase for an approved event as follows:

$.25 credit for each original proof of purchase from Tribute bagged products
$10 credit for each ton of bulk Tribute® products Submissions may be made as often as desired.

Proofs of purchase must be bundled, sorted, counted and accompanied by a submission form. Original bulk delivery tickets will also serve as proofs of purchase. They will also mention Tribute as a supporter of the organization in all public information. To receive funds, the organization will submit a completed Request for Funds Form to Tribute Equine Nutrition with a complete description of the intended use of the funds, including date and location of the event(s).This letter shall constitute the entire agreement between Tribute Equine Nutrition and the organization. No additional requirements or obligations shall be expected of either party under this agreement. By Submitting this application you are agreeing to the terms specified herein.