A mineral supplement for all horses.

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Designed to supply nutrients that are typically low or imbalanced in forages.
Supplies organic minerals to support normal bone and tissue growth and maintenance; notably, copper, zinc, and manganese.
Supplies selenium - a highly effective antioxidant that helps to reduce damage to body tissues from aging and exercise, as well as supporting your horse's immune function.
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feeding instructions

Appropriate for ages: 6 months and older
Feeding Directions: Offer Min-Plex™ Salt free-choice or use as a topdress as a source of salt and trace minerals. Expected free-choice consumption or topdress recommendations are 1-2 ounces for maintenance and 2-3 ounces for horses in training. Min-Plex™ Salt is designed to complement Tribute Grass Assist™ Mineral for a complete free-choice or topdress vitamin/mineral program. Should free-choice consumption exceed expected levels, please contact your Tribute representative for a complete analysis of your feeding program.