Senior Sport™ with Glucosamine

A high fat, high fiber, low NSC textured feed with added glucosamine to support joint health.

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Product Details

Formulated with glucosamine to support joint health and range of motion.
High fat and highly digestible fiber support calmer performances without loss of energy or condition.
May be used for total forage replacement.
Optimal balance of essential amino acids, organic minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants to support dietary requirements and peak performance.
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feeding instructions

Use our Feeding Rate Calculator to determine the proper feeding rate for your horse based on life stage, work level and body weight.

​*Senior Sport™ with Glucosamine may be used as a complete feed when hay is in short supply or unavailable. Feed up to 2% of your horse's body weight per day, but divide into at least 4 feedings. Do not feed more than 5 pounds of any horse feed per feeding.