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Casey Deary

Casey Deary is an NRHA 4 Million Dollar Rider, three-time NRHA Open Futurity Champion, NRHA Derby winner, the #4 all-time leading open rider, and multiple AQHA and APHA World Champion. Casey Deary and his wife of 15 years, Nicole, have 4 children and live on their ranch in Weatherford, TX. Casey has been one of the few elite riders to qualify and compete in The Run For A Million Competition every year since its inception in 2019. In conjunction with The Run For A Million, Deary and his family have been featured as key roles in the CMT Television series The Last Cowboy, produced by Taylor Sheridan.

“In order for me to get the greatest performance out of my horses, I must put the greatest feed into my horses. Tribute feeds contain the highest quality fresh ingredients, it is the greatest equine feed for my equine athletes.”


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