Cathy Wieschhoff and horse competing in cross country three day eventing

Cathy Weischhoff

Cathy Wieschhoff has carved out her indisputable place in the world of Three-Day Eventing. Her positive personality and dedication make her an outstanding spokesperson for riders everywhere. Cathy has successfully participated in the furthering of the sport through her teaching, training, and competing both nationally and internationally. She has ridden at Rolex Kentucky CCI **** , Burghley CCI**** and given clinics in England. You can also find Cathy teaching clinics here in the US as well as being a journeyman clinician for the O’Connor Camps. Additionally, Cathy manages Carriage Station Farm, which is an event training facility in Kentucky.

“I retrain several OTTBs and they thrive on Tribute. A great testimony to their health, well-being and performance is placing 1st and 3rd on my two OTTBs at the 2016 RRP Makeover in the Eventing division. They were of sound mind and body, relaxed and confident, and that doesn’t happen without good nutrition. The support from Tribute Equine nutritionists with all the horses from different areas of the country has been outstanding. It is extremely palatable, and all the horses do well on it. Thank you, Tribute!”

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