Rosie Napravnik, Offtrack Sport Horses, competing in three day eventing with horse

Rosie Napravnik

Most people know Rosie Napravnik from her successful career as a professional jockey. Among almost two thousand winners came multiple riding titles at racetracks across the country, two Breeders Cup wins, two historical Kentucky Oaks wins, as well as the highest Kentucky Derby placing by a female jockey. Upon her retirement, she started a second career, transitioning retired racehorses into new vocations, most notably in Eventing. Rosie has also competed a plethora of horses in the Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover and won the Eventing Division in 2019 among many other top placings. 

“My first experience with Tribute® was at the racetrack, where my husband’s horses were flourishing! When I started managing my own horses in training off the track, it was a no brainer to start with Tribute®. There’s not a better feed to use for the variety of horses that come into my program, from active racehorses rehabbing injuries, to horses transitioning from track life into a second career or those residing here at Four Ponds Farm and living the life of luxury in retirement. I mostly feed Kalm Ultra®, as it has the best balance for what these horses need in their nutrition.”

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