Tribute® is Committed to Fixed Formulas

At Tribute® Superior Equine Nutrition, we have made the commitment to using fixed formulas.

This means that the ingredients in each bag will remain the same. The reason we do this is because the horse’s digestive system thrives on consistency and we are best able to support health and performance by providing a very consistent diet.

We have very strict quality control parameters on individual ingredients to ensure that our formulas are consistent in both ingredients and nutrient specifications. This means we only buy from trusted suppliers and have an extensive quality testing protocol.

The alternative to fixed formulation is least-cost formulation. This means that as the commodity markets fluctuate, the ingredients used to meet the nutrient specifications of a feed will change based on what ingredients are the least expensive.

How Do I Know a Formula is Fixed?

An immediate giveaway that you are looking at a product that is least-cost formulated is the use of collective terms on the ingredient list. Collective terms represent multiple possible ingredients that can be switched out at any time. Examples of these terms include Processed Grain Byproducts, Grain Products and Roughage Products.

Specific terms that list the exact ingredient used are printed on fixed formula tags. However, not all feeds that use specific ingredient terms are guaranteed to be fixed formula. You can reach out to your feed supplier to confirm if a feed is truly fixed formula.  


Is There a Downside to Fixed Formulation?

There are no downsides to fixed formulation when it comes to the health and performance of your horse. Using fixed formulation does mean that as commodity markets fluctuate, there will be changes in the cost of our products. We feel that the inconvenience of price fluctuation is far offset by the positive benefits to the horse.

If the Feed Didn't Change, What Did?

Check out this article HERE that discusses changes in forage, which is one reason your horse may be performing differently on the same feed. A change in workload, health status or even age can also impact how a horse performs on a given diet. If you find that your current diet isn’t the perfect fit anymore, please reach out to us for an individualized nutrition consultation. We are always happy to help you fine tune your horse’s diet for the best results.

Article By: Nicole Rambo, Ph.D.
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