Types of Exercise

NRC 2007 - Types of Exercise​

Exercise Category Mean Heart Rate (bpm) Description Types of Events
Light 80 1-3 hours/week; 40% walk, 50% trot, 10% canter Recreational riding, beginning of training, show horses (occasional)
Moderate 90 3-5 hours/week; 30% walk, 55% trot, 10% canter, 5% low jumping, cutting, other skill work School horses, recreational riding, beginning of training/breaking, show horses (frequent), polo, ranch work
Heavy 110 4-5 hours/week; 20% walk, 50% trot, 15% canter, 15% gallop, jumping, other skill work Ranch work, polo, show horses (frequent, strenuous events), low-medium level eventing, race training (middle stages)
Very Heavy 110-150 Various; from 1 hour/week of speed work to 6-12 hours/week slow work Racing, endurance, elite 3-day eventing
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