Karina Smith

Karina Smith


King is a 16 year old Quarter Horse stallion that was rescued by Karina Smith. Because of his poor body condition, Karina introduced King to a diet of free-choice grass hay, 16 pounds daily of Kalm Ultra® and 3 pounds daily of Essential K® to increase his overall calorie and essential nutrient intake. However, even at these high feeding rates of a high calorie feed, his body condition was not improving. Karina reached out to our equine team for help. We recommended that Karina transition King to 15 pounds daily of Senior Sport™. Two months later, she sent us this incredible improvement in King’s body condition.

“He still has some weight to put on, but he’s looking SO much better. I can’t thank you enough!” – Karina Smith

More isn’t always better. To hear the entire story and learn why King’s initial diet was not improving his weight, give this podcast episode a listen.

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