Tribute's Natural Remedy®

A vegetable source, DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement for all classes of horses.

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Product Details

May improve fertility in stallions, especially for shipped semen.
May be effective in reducing allergic inflammation.
Alleviating inflammation and joint pain.
Supports enhanced immunity, heart and respiratory function.
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feeding instructions

Appropriate for ages: 1 year and older
  Feed 6 oz twice per day to the 1,100 lb horse. Adjust amount fed up or down for horses above or below this weight range (i.e. 3 oz twice per day for 500 lb horses or 8 oz twice per day for 1,500 lb horses).

When starting horses on Natural Remedy®, offer a third of the target feeding rate mixed with feed for the first 3 days, then two thirds of the target feeding rate for another 3 days, then offer the full target feeding rate. 

For maximum effect on stallion fertility, begin feeding Natural Remedy® 60 days prior to and during the breeding season.