Foal Paste, Nutrient & Probiotic-Packed Supplement

Foal Paste, Nutrient & Probiotic-Packed Supplement

Formerly Advance Paste® (same formula), Foal Paste is an oral supplement paste packed with trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics to support immunity and gut health.

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    Foal Paste is an oral paste packed with vital nutrients, including trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to support immunity, as well as probiotics to support gut health. A common application of this supplement paste is to support rapidly growing foals that are experiencing developmental orthopedic disorders, as it allows us to replenish body stores that are depleted during rapid growth. Other times to consider using Foal Paste are during times of stress, such as weaning, travel and competition. It can also be used to support digestive health during antibiotic treatment or for horses recovering from illness.


    • Packed with essential nutrients to support immunity and replenish depleted body stores.
    • Contains probiotics to support digestive health.
    • Supports rapidly growing foals experiencing Developmental Orthopedic Disorders.

    Feeding Instructions

    Newborn Foals: Give 3 cc of Foal Paste per 100 pounds of body weight once a day, starting at one week of age. Continue using Foal Paste, as directed, until the foal is consuming recommended amount of milk replacer or Foal Foundation™.

    All Horses: Give 3 cc of Foal Paste per 100 pounds of body weight per day during times of stress (evidence of developmental orthopedic disease, intestinal stress, illness, transport or antibiotic therapy, etc).

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Copper (Min.): 4 mg/3 CC
    Selenium (Min.): 0.25 mg/3 CC
    Zinc (Min.): 10 mg/3 CC
    Vitamin A (Min.): 4,000 IU/3 CC
    Vitamin D (Min.): 400 IU/3 CC
    Vitamin E (Min.): 200 IU/3 CC
    Riboflavin (Min.): 15 mg/3 CC
    Pantothenic Acid (Min.): 12 mg/3 CC
    Thiamine (Min.): 9 mg/3 CC
    Niacin (Min.): 17 mg/3 CC
    Folic Acid (Min.): 1.5 mg/3 CC
    Choline (Min.): 25 mg/3 CC
    Biotin (Min.): 30 mg/3 CC
    Vitamin C (Min.): 100 IU/3 CC
    Direct-Fed Microorganisms (Min.): 1 billion CFU

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