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Martha Wunder

Martha is a professional event rider with experience through the intermediate level. She is also a USEA ICP Level 2 certified instructor, pony club Graduate A, and coach of riders from beginner to two star level. Martha runs a training operation in northern Virginia where she works with a variety of horses and riders, helping them to achieve their goals and highest potential. She prides herself on attending to all aspects of each horse’s program, which goes beyond just riding and includes farrier, vet, alternative therapies, saddle fit, etc. and, of course, nutrition!


“There are so many good feeds to choose from on the market these days, but there are a few reasons Tribute stands out. One is their support staff. They have a knowledgeable and responsive team that is passionate about EDUCATING horse owners on nutrition, not just selling feed. Second is the quality and variety of the products. Tribute uses only the highest quality ingredients guaranteed and truly has a product to match any need- hard-keepers, easy-keepers, metabolic issues, gastric issues, joint issues, you name it. Lastly, it is very cost effective, which is hugely important when running a business in the horse industry. Not only is the price per bag highly competitive, but because of the concentrated and complete nutrition provided, I am feeding smaller amounts and have virtually no need to feed supplements any more. Those savings really add up! I highly recommend Tribute to anyone!”

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